#you know when i was first watching this i thought he was just bluffing #like he had a plan up his sleeve so this wouldn’t happen #but then i realised that he /wanted/ the sun god to take all his memories #he could get away with it too because he’d be saving their planet#so if he just happened to forget about susan and ian and barbara and gallifrey and zoe and jamie #if he didn’t remember that he was raggedy man to a little scottish girl who married the boy who waited #if he didn’t have to close his eyes and relive every single bad moment of his life #well it’d be worth it wouldn’t it? (tags via killthefez)

This is one of the moments when you realize something is broken with in The Doctor. For all the smiles and the laughter and the silliness  there is great deal of pain under it all. And if he can use this as an excuse to get rid of the pain of the suffering of the hurt of seeing his friends leave him, forget him, or die hes gonna take it. Because in his mind its better to forget then to hurt.

But what he doesn’t realize is that in all his painful memories there are also a lot of good memories. If he loses all the bad he will also lose the good and he will just be an empty shell. And nothing good will come out of him being an empty shell. It is his memories, the good and the bad, that shapes The Doctor and helps him make the right decisions. With out them he will become reckless and destructive like he was at the end of the episode The Water of Mars or in The Runaway Bride. So whats better? The Doctor having painful bad memories or him going on a reckless rampage? 


The doctor is so old…. he has seen the fall of his planet, companions die, and enemies that he thought he destroyed come back…. of course he has bad memories who wouldnt?  

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